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Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

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This is the type of symbol used by Eduard Sievers in his Altgermanische Metrik (Halle: Max Niemeyer, 1893). They are still frequently used in text books, monographs and articles on Medieval Nordic metrics. Thesaurus Linguae Grecae (TLG) has recently proposed a set of metrical symbols for Greek. This proposal was approved by Unicode and made part of v. 4.1 of the Unicode Standard. The TLG proposal includes symbols for the short syllable (breve), for the combination of a short and long syllable (metrical short over long, or metrical long over short) and for a combination of a long and two short syllables. These characters have been added to Miscellaneous Technical (see pp. 71–72 above). The default character (anceps) is identified with MULTIPLICATION SIGN (00D7) in Latin-1 Supplement (p. 27), and the symbol for long syllable (longum) is identified with FIGURE DASH (2012) or EN DASH (2013) in General Punctuation (p. 61). Combinations of anceps, breve or longum with acute accent, grave accent or double acute accent can be achieved by using COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT (0301), COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT (0300) or COMBINING DOUBLE ACUTE ACCENT (030B) in Combining Diacritical Marks (pp. 42–43). However, this does not work well in all applications, so for the time being precomposed characters will be useful. Junicode and Alphabetum have metrical symbols in different locations of the Private Use Area, so a code-point conflict is inevitable for this range. Since Al- phabetum has the largest selection, code points in this font have been chosen, metrical symbols being placed in the F700–F71F section. However, all duplicate code points in Junicode as of version 0.6.12 are listed below. Alphabetum contains a number of additional metrical symbols, possibly also of interest for Medi- eval usage. See the F700–F76F section of this font. Note that combining single and double vertical bars are located in Combining Diacritical Marks, code points 030D and 030E (p. 44 above). They are used to indicate stress (single bar) and stress + alliteration (double bar).


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