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Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

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Characters for weight, currency and measurement are covered in several Unicode charts. The most frequent ones, such as the dollar and pound signs, are found in Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement, while e.g. the prime, ‘′’, (for minutes or feet) and the double prime, ‘′′’, (for seconds or inches) are found in General Punctuation (2000–206F). There is also a separate chart for monetary characters, Currency Symbols (20A0–20CF), and several signs can be found in Letter- like Symbols (2100–214F). One character, 20B0 GERMAN PENNY SIGN, has been selected from Currency symbols (p. 67 above). The present subrange contains additional Medieval characters for these categories. It is worth noting that what was originally a measure of weight, such as the pound (libra), can also be understood as a currency, since these weights, typically in a precious metal like silver, became monetary symbols in their own right. Some symbols can be analysed as modified base-line characters and placed in subrange 5. That applies to the long ‘s’ with flourish used in Medieval Nordic for abbreviations of words like ‘ser’ and ‘son’, and also as an abbreviation of ‘sælda’ (of sáld) in the Middle Norwegian measurement halfsælda, ‘4 1⁄2 pails of butter’, “hæf6”. See E8B7 LATIN SMALL LETTER LONG S WITH FLOURISH (p. 113 above). The journal Signa: Beiträge zur Signographie vol. 3 (2002), “Die Zeichen des Geldes”, has an extensive discussion of monetary symbols and contains further documentation of most of the characters listed below. In v. 5.1 of the Unicode Standard, 11 characters in this subrange have been inluded in Ancient Symbols, and have therefore been decommissioned (highlighted in yellow).


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